An Oil and Gas Facility has integrity when it is operated and maintained so that the combination of the likelihood of failure and the consequence of failure makes the risk to people, to the environment, and to the company as low as reasonably practical. Plant integrity, safety, and reliability are major concerns to all plant operators and managers. The primary objective of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is to maintain the asset in a fit-for-service condition while extending its remaining life in the most reliable, safe, and cost effective manner.

In addition to regulatory and company requirements, operators of facilities and related pipelines have the following business needs: Maximizing production, Reducing lost income due to unplanned shutdowns, Optimizing inspection and maintenance costs, Maximizing asset value, Maintaining an auditable system.

Process and Plant Piping Inspection

A comprehensive process and plant piping inspection system and advanced engineering assessment capabilities

Risk Based Inspection RBI

Confidently extend inspection periods and improve operations that extend plant life through prioritization of critical assets

Engineering and Consulting

Our team bring advanced technical skills and experience to solve complex asset integrity issues.

Software Products

GazNeft Morgan Group offers several software products designed to empower clients.