RBI Software

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) / Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) software for Oil & Gas, Chemical plant and Power plant, in accordance with API RP 581 for optimizing plant inspection and maintenance providing run length indexes (RLI) in generic manner covering all damage mechanisms for each equipment item; the risk and RLI are combined to output safe inspection and maintenance intervals formally designed for use by plant personnel such that implementation is not dependent on external consultants.

  • for process plant - for the development of upstream and downstream, onshore and offshore process pressure equipment such as vessels, columns, fired heaters, piping, pumps, exchanges, tanks and relief valves.
  • for storage tanks - specifically tailored risk models for the assessment of tank farms. In addition to the tank themselves, also accommodating the assessment of associated process equipment and piping.
  • for pipelines -customized risk models allow for the assessment of transportation pipelines both onshore and offshore.
  • for boilers -covers all pressure parts within the boiler (tubes, headers, drum etc), ducting and steam pipework.