Effective asset integrity management in the thermal, hydro and geothermal power industries is critical to optimising production performance, ensuring safety and compliance, reducing expenditure and obtaining maximum life value from critical assets.

GazNeft Morgan understands the significance and complexity of effective life management of critical assets. Our complete asset integrity management services include written schemes of inspection including inspection planning, condition assessment, material testing, fitness-for-service assessment, life management, life assessment and life extension of assets. Our advanced technologies, industry expertise and extensive experience have been demonstrated to improve plant availability and reliability whilst maintaining safe operation.

Risk Based Inspection RBI

Confidently extend inspection periods and improve operations that extend plant life through prioritization of critical assets

Engineering and Consulting

Our team bring advanced technical skills and experience to solve complex asset integrity issues.

Failure Analysis

GazNeft Morgan technical specialists investigate the modes of failures and their root causes using a multidisciplinary approach.

Fitness for Service

An intuitive software tool developed by experts for performing fitness-for-service and fracture mechanics analysis.