GazNeft Morgan has reduced operational and safety risks, improved operational planning and increased profitability for pipeline operators . Our asset integrity and reliability solutions are focused on piggable pipelines, on difficult and unpiggable pipelines and related challenges where previously, only conventional inspection and engineering assessment methodologies have been available.

Much of this pipeline infrastructure is operating beyond design life with very limited condition information. Our services and products respond directly to our pipeline clients’ critical needs for more accurate, comprehensive and repeatable inspection, enabling the application of more robust, regulation compliant condition assessment and fitness-for-service industry standards.

Risk Based Inspection RBI

Confidently extend inspection periods and improve operations that extend plant life through prioritization of critical assets

Ultrasonic in-line inspection technology

Ultrasonic in-line inspection technology and advanced engineering assessment for unpiggable and difficult-to-inspect pipelines.

Pipeline Integrity Management Service ( PIMS)

Complete integrity management services designed to help companies meet the complexities involved in pipeline inspection projects.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Intelligent Pigs

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Intelligent Pigs measure pipe wall thickness and metal loss by direct measurement of the thickness of the pipe wall. The advantage is the ability to provide a highly accurate value for local wall thickness whilst being lightweight, small and easy to mobilize. With such high accuracy ultrasonic tools can be used for comparing actual wall thickness with nominal wall thickness, verifying previous inspections, fitness for serviceevaluations and baseline surveys.

Engineering and Consulting

Our team bring advanced technical skills and experience to solve complex asset integrity issues.

Software Products

GazNeft Morgan Group offers several software products designed to empower clients.